August 27, 2012

The Frowning Clouds - "All Night Long" & "Propellers"

An Australian reader recently turned us on to a handful of great Aussie acts, including The Frowning Clouds. Based in Geelong, Victoria, this five-piece is an unabashed throwback to 1960s rock 'n' roll à la The Troggs and The Kinks with strong searing pop melodies, quick fuzzed out hits of electric guitar, and an atmosphere swirling with smoke, booze, and rabble-rousing anthems of youth and rebellion. The tasteful folks at Saturno Records in Seville, Spain have pressed The Frowning Clouds debut LP Listen Closelier along with two 7"s, which feature the band's two very best tracks: 2011's addictive sing-along "All Night Long" and the brand new "Propellers," which along with a cooing chorus of "ooh oohs" boasts the ace lyric, "Girl I've seen your eyes, they propel me."

U.S. distributor Get Hip carries the "All Night Long" 7". Anti Fade carries the "Propellers" 7".

The Frowning Clouds - "All Night Long"

The Frowning Clouds - "Propellers"

The Frowning Clouds

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