August 27, 2012

Foxygen :: Take The Kids Off Broadway

Foxygen is Sam France and Jonathan Rado: two 22-year-olds channeling early Stones records as if played by a vibrato-slinging lounge singer riding on a heavy dose of uppers and hallucinogenics. The influences here are purposefully audible and playfully collaged together in a thoroughly modern and hyper tapestry of psychedelia, blues, and pop music. Foxygen's debut Take The Kids Off Broadway is masterful because of its members' complete lack of inhibition on tracks like "Make It Known" and "Abandon My Toys." France and Rado aren't afraid to play with their voices, sound like fools, or become unhinged—the record is a confident and brave declaration of all things whacky, egocentric, and creatively daring about rock 'n' roll. The music is the result of a pair of crate-digging record collectors with deep-seeded musical talent joyously cannonballing off their first cliff—and to hear it is an absolute blast.

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Foxygen - "Make It Known" (from Take The Kids Off Broadway)

Take the Kids Off Broadway - Foxygen

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