July 24, 2012

Spook Houses - "American"

"I'm drunk and I feel like shit," mutters the singer of New Jersey four-piece Spook Houses on "American," just before the song explodes from its pacing thump of muted bass and drums to an all-out sprint into the dark grungy abyss: furiously pounded drums, slopped ladlefuls of crashing cymbals, and wild blasts of guitar that seemingly bounce back and forth across the mix like a rubber ball in a tiny room. It's a mood shift, from meandering and thoughtful to inspired, the latter part of which features a young band talking about following their dreams and making one hell of a racket on their way. 

The band's debut LP, Trying, is out August 14th on 12" vinyl via Philly's Evil Weevil Records.

Spook Houses - "American" (from Trying)

Blake Mills

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