July 24, 2012

Cosmonauts - "Lazerbeam"

"Lazerbeam" is sort of a song about relationships, except instead of referring to a "Cindy" or "Dave," Fullerton, California's Cosmonauts are talking gamma rays and lazer beams. While "lazer beam" is always putting the narrator down, "gamma ray" never bums him out and never shouts. There's a litany of pros and cons here, and it's one pondered over with plenty of worrying, tears, and an utterly addictive outro thanks to this phrase: "mama oo mao mao, mama oo mao mao-mao." It certainly may not look pretty typed out, but it turns out this wordless nugget of psychedelic-flavored doo-wop is just about the most fun grouping of syllables you could possibly sing.

Pickup the 7" from Austin's Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Cosmonauts - "Lazerbeam" (from Lazerbeam 7")

Cosmonauts - Cosmonauts

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