April 18, 2012

The Walkmen - "Heaven"

After 10 years of playing together as a band, The Walkmen are now set to release their sixth full-length record (or seventh if you count the Harry Nilsson covers record Pussy Cats) on June 5th. Heaven was produced by Phil Ek in Seattle and includes a brief guest spot by Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, but if the newly released title-track is any indication, this is still the same old scrappy Walkmen. Though, as evidenced by all of the promo shots with Peter Bauer's coat-and-tie clad son and the motley crew of youngsters to your left, the guys have a bit more baggage these days as fully functioning adults and parents. Could that be the secret ingredient to the band's last two perfect LPs, You & Me and Lisbon? Having little ones? I can't remember a band that's ever aged like The Walkmen, where their best albums are coming five deep into their career. Here's hoping Heaven continues the streak.

Preorder Heaven directly from the band.

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