April 20, 2012

Mixtape #20: Why don't we take the day off?

Tronics - "Time Off"
The Blood Feathers - "On A Holiday"
Tanlines - "All of Me"
Harlem - "Be Your Baby"
Lower Dens - "Blue & Silver"
Terry Malts - "Tumble Down"
The Tough Shits - "Heard She Kisses On The Mouth"
Father John Misty - "Nancy From Now On"
The Babies - "Here Comes Trouble"
The Strange Boys - "Doueh"
Robyn Hitchcock - "Television"
Cass McCombs - "Sacred Heart"
So Many Wizards - "Lose Your Mind"
The Creation - "Try and Stop Me"
The Velvet Underground - "I Found A Reason (demo version)"
The Chromatics - "Kill For Love"
The Walkmen - "Paper House"
Michael Hurley - "Be Kind To Me"

Mikal Cronin


  1. You make the best mixes! Always good on sunny days.

  2. What is going on with Father John Misty? that is just about the best bloody thing I've ever heard!

  3. this is one of the best mixes i've heard in a long time. well done!

  4. the download's not working for me

  5. @simp I just checked it and it's working fine. Maybe try in another browser? Let me know if you still have trouble.

  6. @Everybody Taste, very nice of you to respond. Turns out it was my problem not yours, I got it, thanks! I like your mixtapes and love your blog. I've compiled some mixtapes at stilllovetheoldworld.blogspot.com if you ever have the urge. Also, I'm sure you don't need any random recommendations but if you haven't heard Fletcher C Johnson, gotta check him out, I think you'd like - http://fletchercjohnson.bandcamp.com/

  7. @simp great suggestion. haven't heard of them and am really digging it. Thanks!

  8. We have eerily similar taste, and I've even used some of the same songs on mixes for my own blog.
    Check it out! (and thanks for the tunes, maybe you'll discover a few different ones on my dope mixes):


  9. @Eli Cash--pretty funny: Shark Week, Creation, Allah-Las, Denney, Frowning Clouds... yea pretty much all the artists I've written about this past month. Great minds...