February 8, 2012

TV Torso - "Big Flash, No Crash"

We've been keeping close tabs on Austin's TV Torso of late, as the band puts the finishing touches on its forthcoming LP. According to an update on the band's Facebook page, they're still hammering away in Matt Oliver's Big Orange studio with about 18 songs left to complete. In January, we heard one track that's going to wind up on the record: the holy-shit-this-is-good jaw-dropper, "No Idea Why." Now, thanks to Oliver, we have another track from the recording sessions: "Big Flash, No Crash." According to Oliver, this is one that may not make it on the record: "[It's] a little oddball nonce-song that nobody in our camp knows what to do with." One thing's for sure: it's hard to imagine a discard pile full of material of this quality.

TV Torso - "Big Flash, No Crash"

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