February 2, 2012

Molly Nilsson - "I Hope You Die"

"I know you think I'm morbid when I say / I hope you die by my side / The two of us at the exact same time."

The lyric above is from Stockholm artist Molly Nilsson's song "I Hope You Die," and while it may read like melodramatic Rome and Juliet-inspired high school scribblings, over washes of synthesizers, punches of keyboard, and a hip-loosening snap of snare, it becomes a Cure-quality fix of potent goth-styled pop music: introspective, occasionally lyrically dreary, and an absolute blast to pump over the stereo. Nilsson's atmospheric and enveloping take on post-punk era goth contains all the classic elements of success—a beautiful voice, big melodic hooks, sing-along choruses—but there's also a bit of an unsettled edge and bite to Nilsson. Whether it's the bedroom-styled intimate production or her raw and emotive vocals, Nilsson's songs race past the nostalgic look in the rearview mirror and towards something truly original and special.

History, Nilsson's fourth album, is out now on her own Dark Skies Association imprint.

Molly Nilsson - "I Hope You Die" (from History)

Molly Nilsson

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