February 21, 2012

King Tuff - "Wild Desire"

Though a passed around CDR from 2006 dubbed Mindblow predates it, the 2008 LP Was Dead is Kyle Thomas's only properly released album as King Tuff and it plays like some sort of secret super-powered freaked-out jukebox: a near greatest hits-quality collection of riff-heavy glam-fueled power-pop that begs for repeated spins. The record may only be a few years old, but the vinyl has already earned itself cult classic status with three sold-out pressings and hefty prices on eBay. Though Thomas keeps busy playing with everyone from J. Mascis to Seth "Hunx" Bogart and releases records under other aliases like Happy Birthday, rumor is we're finally getting a second King Tuff album this year, this time with a producer in tow—Bobby Harlow of Go and Conspiracy of Owls. The new album was recorded last summer over a two-week span in an abandoned Detroit schoolhouse. Though no details are available yet on the release, one of our favorite labels, Suicide Squeeze, has what may just be the first sneak peak of the King's new work in "Wild Desire." The track is part of Suicide Squeeze's 2012 single series and will be available on limited edition 7" vinyl April 3rd along with B-side "Hole In My Head." So, how good is "Wild Desire"? Well, let's just say there's talk of outer space and enough glitter, sparkle, and six-stringed shreddage to take you there.

King Tuff

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  1. Yes! Jam of the year (so far). Can't wait for the LP