February 16, 2012

The Dawn of Eternal Summers 12"

Roanoke, Virginia's Eternal Summers released one of our favorite EPs of 2011 in their irresistible Prisoner 12"—four songs that seamlessly weaved strummy and honey-sweet dream-pop alongside pedal-to-the-floor pop-punk. However, the Prisoner 12" is just the tip of this group's delectable pop iceberg. Brooklyn label Kanine Records is now re-releasing the band's long sold-out debut EP as a 12", with a B-side dedicated to previously released 7"s and three vinyl-only covers: The Lemoneheads' "Into Your Arms," Neil Young's "Down To The Wire," and Guided By Voices' "A Salty Salute." Sold yet? The record, aptly dubbed The Dawn of The Eternal Summers, will be pressed onto colored vinyl and released in time for everyone's favorite April holiday, Record Store Day.

If you're like me and want to ensure you snag one of these beauties, preorder is already up on Kanine.

Eternal Summers - "Lightswitch" (from Eternal Summers EP)
Eternal Summers - "Fall Straight Back" (from Eternal Summers EP)

Eternal Summers

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