November 18, 2011

When our powers combine... we are MEEMAW

Nashville's now defunct MEEMAW was an all-star trio that featured soon-to-be Infinity Cat regulars Daniel Pujol of PUJOL, Wez Traylor of Natural Child, and Jessica McFarland of Heavy Cream. Considering ET's adoration for Natural Child's debut LP 1971 and Pujuol's Nasty, Brutish, and Short (and really all things Infinity Cat), I did some digging this morning and gave MEEMAW's debut Glass Elevator a listen—and this shit is wild. Dirty southern rock is an apt descriptor, but it doesn't really go far enough. This record's full of fuzz, gnar, and debauchery. Take Wez's the graphic and hilarious "Smoking In The Sun," which boasts the lyrics, "Whole milk, red meat, smoking in the sun," and later, "Diet Coke, ranch dressing, sweet tea God's blessing." As simplistic as those lines are, there's something about the combination of red meat, the sun, and cigarette smoke that creates an incredibly vivid and disturbing snapshot of southern life. Another standout is Pujol's snappy "Blue In The Blacklight," which shows off the young songwriter's talent for churning out fuzzy pop-punk nuggets. The band's split makes sense considering each musician is now excelling in their own groups, however, this short-lived collaboration is absolutely worth revisiting, if for nothing else than as a lively beer-splattered origin story.

Infinity Cat has a MEEMAW combo (a 7", CD, and poster) for just $5 here.

MEEMAW - "Blue In The Blacklight" (from Glass Elevator)
MEEMAW - "Smoking In The Sun" (from Glass Elevator)

Glass Elevator - Meemaw

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