November 21, 2011

Bare Wires :: Cheap Perfume 10"

There's nothing more rock and roll than the three-piece, especially the drum, bass, and guitar combo: straight shots of pounding rhythm and melody with every frill and decoration thrown out the window. The latest release from Oakland's Bare Wires, the 10-song 10" Cheap Perfume, is the perfect example: these songs don't just play, they fire out of the gate at lightning speed, never once looking back over their should nor outstaying their welcome (only one track breaks the three-minute barrier). Formed in 2007 as a side project of Matthew Melton, Bare Wires has since turned into a full-time gig with a string of releases under its belt, including two LPs—Artificial Clouds and Seeking Love—a handful of 7"s and one incredible flexi disc (see: "I Wanna Fight"). Cheap Perfume picks up right where Melton and company left off last, churning out garage-born glam-rock and punk-informed gem after gem, from the anthemic "Don't Ever Change" to the muted-guitar roar of "Television Girls" and rhythmic power-pop tornado of "Ain't Worth Walking Away." Bare Wires have the rare ability to make the listener feel cooler while listening to their music: you could be wearing socks, sandals, and sweatpants, but pump Cheap Perfume and suddenly it's boots, a leather jacket, and a snugly fitting pair of jeans. It's an intoxicating cocktail that recalls all that's fun about rock and roll. There's momentary glimpses of influences like T. Rex and The Ramones (some of those hand claps have me thinking Gary Glitter), but the songs unquestionably belong to Melton, and two choruses into this record as you find yourself pounding your feet and singing along, you'll agree.

Order the 10" from Southpaw Records.

Bare Wires - "Don't Ever Change" (from Cheap Perfume)
Bare Wires - "Cheap Perfume" (from Cheap Perfume)

Video: Bare Wires - "Don't Ever Change"

Bare Wires

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