November 3, 2011

Lands & Peoples record Mobtown Microshow

I've been a huge fan of Baltimore's Lands & Peoples since back in 2009 when the group released its stunning debut EP. The band, now whittled down to the nucleus of Caleb Moore and Beau Cole, has a dynamic sound built over intricately picked guitar lines, splashy near-improvised percussion, and soaring vocal harmonies. While Lands & Peoples gear up to officially release their debut LP, a few lush live recordings have surfaced, including a set from Baltimore's Metro Gallery, and more recently, a stunning intimate performance recorded at Mobtown Studios. Moore and Cole both have considerable pipes and when unleashed together in harmony it forms the band's defining sound, which engineer Paul Mercer captured at Mobtown with beautiful clarity. (Photo by Sam Ray)

Download the entire Mobtown set here.

Lands & Peoples - "Ghosts" (from Mobtown Microshow)
Lands & Peoples - "Everyday" (from Mobtown Microshow)

Stone Darling

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