November 1, 2011

Future Islands - "Crish" (Javelin Remixxx)

So far, the only fault I've found with Future Islands' soaring LP On The Water is that its vinyl version doesn't include the beautifully put together "Crish," a collaboration between the band and Brooklyn duo Javelin. Here's the story behind the track from Future Islands: "Crish is a song that was recorded for On the Water but the lyrics weren't completed in time to make the cut. We asked Javelin if they would do a remix of it for a bonus track. At this point, we're not sure if our version of 'Crish' will ever see the light of day, but we really love what Javelin did with it... I feel like it's more of a collaboration than a remix." For the record, the lyrics came out pretty fantastic. It's also refreshing to hear a lighter and less dramatic vocal take atop Gerrit Welmers' typically stupendous synth work.

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Future Islands - Crish (Javelin Remixxx)

Future Islands

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