October 13, 2011

Wild Flag - "Oh Yeah"

I'm not sure how "Oh Yeah" missed the cut for Wild Flag's debut and ended up as a bonus track, but it's recently moved into favorite song territory for me thanks to Mary Timony's hypnotic ear-catching vocals and Carrie Brownstein's bubbling and rhythmic lead guitar work. Though the song lacks a prominent bass, "Oh Yeah" reminds me a bit of a Kim Deal-sung Pixies track: fuzzy, sharply melodic, and relentlessly uptempo pop music that leaves you hitting the play button over and over again.

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Wild Flag - "Oh Yeah" (from Wild Flag Bonus Track Version)

Wild Flag - "Beast of Burden" (Live Rolling Stones cover)

Wild Flag


  1. Yes, Oh Yeah is a gem -- and I question why it got bumped to bonus track status. To me, it sounds like something Flying Nun might have released in the 90s, but I like the Kim Deal analogy too :)

  2. I might have an extra ticket to the Athens, GA show on 10/22. Hit me up on google plus if anyone's interested...