October 12, 2011

Nobunny - "Vicious Circle"

This past winter, the vinyl and cassette connoisseurs over at Burger Records pressed Nobunny's Raw Romance—a cassette-only release from back in 2009— to vinyl with new (and awesome) artwork and freshly re-mastered tracks. Below, check out one of my favorite cuts off the LP—the bluesy acoustic fuzzball and album-closer "Vicious Circle." I'm not sure where the audio clip is culled from that's spliced into the end of the track, but man, it's pretty hilarious. "I'm shaking with hunger. No more!"

While the purple vinyl is unfortunately sold out, you can still snag Raw Romance on classic black wax from Burger Records.

Nobunny - "Vicious Circle" (from Raw Romance)

Raw Romance - Nobunny

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