August 23, 2011

Youth Lagoon :: The Year of Hibernation

At first, "Montana"doesn't sound like anything special. A reverberating and resonant piano, hushed vocals—it's reminiscent of a live recorded studio outtake or a private home recording. Sweet and intimate, but not necessarily all that captivating. But then "Montana" becomes something else entirely. From the first chime of the track's synth delivered motif to builds of tambourine, bass drum, and electric guitar, a vast wall of sound forms arming that cathartic and introverted singing voice with a sledgehammer of crushing force. The song is by 22-year-old Trevor Powers, who records under the name Youth Lagoon. Powers' M.O. on his debut LP The Year of Hibernation—out September 27th on Fat Possum—is constructing these simple keyboard-driven confessionals and coloring them with sonic goodies that are both colossal in size and grand in scope. It's sort of like bringing a tank to a knife fight: you're expecting mopey-eyed balladry, but what you get instead is a shot of adrenaline right in your ear drum.

Pre-order The Year of Hibernation on vinyl, tape, or CD via Fat Possum.

Youth Lagoon - "Montana" (from The Year of Hibernation)
Youth Lagoon - "Cannons" (from The Year of Hibernation)

Youth Lagooon

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