August 22, 2011

Future Islands - "Balance"

Since discovering their anthemic jam "Before The Bridge" via a Friends Records penned article, I've been digging through Future Islands' rich back catalogue of releases like a kid in a candy store. The combination of Samuel T. Herring's ravenous and throaty vocals with William Cashion's pulsating bass, and synth phenom Gerrit Welmers' arsenal of exotic goodies is a fiery and intoxicatingly mixed beverage. The type that when imbibed heavily will leave you in a hot sweaty mess of flailing limbs. The band's latest offering, "Balance," is no exception. Taken from the forthcoming On The Water LP—due out on October 11th via Thrill Jockey—"Balance" finds the Future Islands hitting their stride with a signature blast of dance-friendly percussion, soulful vocals, and Welmers' ominous and darkly-tinted synth tones.

Future Islands - "Balance" (from On The Water)

Future Islands

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