August 16, 2011

Willie Wright - "Nantucket Island"

Willie Wright's music combined elements of soul with folk music—a loose, intuitive, and free-spirited style of play that didn't fit in any one particular pre-fitted mold. Unfortunately, major labels in the 1960s weren't interested in—nor did they know to market—a forward-thinking, genre-hopping artist like Wright. So, despite his obvious talents, Wright's music remained obscure. In 1975, after years of extensive touring along the East coast and a stint running a 24-hour incense, oil, and record shop dubbed The Cellar, Wright began traveling regularly to Nantucket to perform for the Massachusetts island's restaurant and yachting clientele. Wright quickly took to the island's natural beauty and developed a small but supportive fan base. In 1976, he made the island his home.

Over the course of the following winter on Nantucket, Wright wrote much of what would become his most inspired work to date: the 1977 LP Telling The Truth. The album's opening track was the serene and laid back "Nantucket Island," which according to Numero Group's liner notes, "was a tribute and dedication to this newfound home and the greatest fans he'd ever known." Sadly—except for the fews fans fans and tourists who bought a copy out of Wright's trunk or after a show—the album all but disappeared after its release. Now, however, thanks to the work of the wonderful folks at Numero Group, Telling The Truth is available for the first time since 1977. It's truly a masterful collection of songs, as breezy as they are full of soul. While "Jackie's Song" recalls a Moondance-era Van Morrison, "I'm So Happy" bounces along like a lost Bill Withers classic. The songs here vary in style, but the execution is a constant: timeless arrangements and instrumentation brightened with a talent and personality that, this time, won't be forgotten.

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Willie Wright - "Nantucket Island" (from Telling The Truth)
Willie Wright - "I'm So Happy Now" (from Telling The Truth)

Telling the Truth - Willie Wright

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  1. Willie has a NEW album, released TODAY, April 25, 2012. It is called "This is not a Dream" and you can get info on where to buy it and a link to MySpace to hear the whole album for free by going to
    Bob Green, for Green Coil Records (Willie's new label.)