August 16, 2011

TV Torso - "My Fair Baby's Coming For Me"

When not recording sessions for Daytrotter in his Big Orange studio in Austin, Matt Oliver cuts his own material with his band TV Torso. Since last writing about the group in March, they've become a favorite around here with their small but rich vinyl catalogue—a 12" EP and two 7"s—now staples on the Everybody Taste turntable. TV Torso is currently at work on their debut full-length, and while we haven't heard a peep from those recordings, the band recently posted a killer cover to their Twitter account: "My Fair Baby's Coming For Me," a deep and long-forgotten cut by Paul Kane and legendary English producer Joe Meek. The cover was recorded on 4-track cassette during the Austin quartet's Wednesday night rehearsal. (via Rollo Grady)

Connect with TV Torso and download the stellar Status Quo Vadis EP right here.

TV Torso - "My Fair Baby's Coming For Me"
Paul Kane - "My Fair Baby's Coming For Me"

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