April 1, 2011

White Fang - "Not Listening"

Perhaps the only band as simultaneously unserious and talented as Nashville's Natural Child is Portland's White Fang, a band that enjoys purposely making their records sound like old stepped on and beaten up cassette tapes (they run their own cassete-only label, Gnar Tapes). The band's newest record, Grateful To Shred, is due out on April 20th (that's for 4/20 for you non-stoners, the same date Natural Child's 1971 is out). But as much as White Fang like to mess around (see: "Can't Find our Weed") and live up to their punk rock reputation (see: "Fuck Up A Fascist [I'm Down]"), they also know how to write a damn fine rock and roll song: hooks, attitude, and all. Peep the album's short but catchy as hell straight-out-of-the-garage "Not Listening" and singer Erik Gage's excellent "oohs" laden vocals.

White Fang - "Not Listening" (from Grateful To Shred)

White Fang

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