April 1, 2011

The Elected return with Bury Me In My Rings

I've always been a huge fan of Blake Sennet's guitar work for Rilo Kiley. Although that band performs perpetually in the shadow of the great Jenny Lewis, it's often Blake's ear-catching guitar hooks on songs like "Science Vs. Romance" and "Silver Lining" that elevate the songs above typical indie-rock fare. Sennet's songwriting isn't too shabby either, as evidenced by his albums with his solo group The Elected. Sennet's voice, soft and unassuming, isn't anything to write home about, but his pop chops appear to be as sharp as ever on his third album with his band, Bury Me In My Rings, out May 17th on Vagrant. Sample the first two tracks from the album below.

The Elected - "Go For The Throat" (from Bury Me In My Rings)
The Elected - "Babyface" (from Bury Me In My Rings)

The Elected

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