April 5, 2010

Ryan Bingham - "Dylan's Hard Rain"

I finally saw Crazy Heart over the weekend. Not a great film, but the music is quite exceptional. From classic country tracks by Waylon Jennings and Buck Owens to originals written and recorded by T-Bone Burnett, the film captures all that's endearing about the classic country performer's persona (the dusty roads, lonely nights clutching a bottle of whiskey, the denim) and thankfully leaves behind all that's become stale and insincere (the pop garbage that CMT predominantly runs). Ryan Bingham, who plays Tony in the film and helped write the Oscar-winning title track "The Weary Kind," is what the fictional Bad Blake might call "real country." And Bingham's 2009 track "Dylan's Hard Rain"—produced by Mark Ford of the Black Crowes—is an especially rollicking and ass-kicking throwback that does its best to keep the genre's head above water.

Ryan Bingham - "Dylan's Hard Rain" (from Roadhouse Sun)

Ryan Bingham


  1. His songs are so deep. Like, what does he mean by: “Shooting 8-ball at the corner truck stop?”

    Do they put truck stops on corners in New Mexico? Because most big tractor-type trucks don’t necessarily have the best turning radii, so I'm thinking that maybe it’s a metaphor for something else that’s really deep.

    I also love his line: “Take me to France, watch me dance.”

    That one just blows my mind. I wonder what it could mean!

    Mad proppers to Bingham … he deserves everything he gets.


  2. haha, wow. that sounded pretty bitter.