February 12, 2010

Josh Ritter Returns with Album #6 in May

Josh Ritter is our generation's Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zant, Bob Dylan, etc. He's a brilliant, expansive and meticulous lyricist with a timeless sense of song craftsmanship to match it. After his topical and gut wrenching The Animal Years and foot-stomping pop follow-up The Historical Conquest of Josh Ritter, the songwriter is slated to return with So Runs The World Away, his sixth album, due out May 4th. Here's a note from the overwhelmingly nice and sincere man himself about the new record:
Hello All!

“So Runs the World Away” took me over a year to make. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never recorded a song for a record that I didn’t believe in absolutely and that didn’t feel, in its writing, recording, and performance, like a moment of real inspiration. I love the songs on this record so much, and my thanks go to my incredible and talented band, my family, and my family of listeners wherever they may be in this fast-spinning world.

All my very best, and see you soon!

Josh Ritter - "Change of Time" (from So Runs The World Away) (photo by Rory Cobbe)

Josh Ritter

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