February 15, 2010

Harlem: Making Pop Music In The Garage

"I had my heart broken. It was broken in two. And if I had my heart broken I'm glad it was broken by you. I wrote you a letter, but I didn't have a stamp. Threw it in the garbage can addressed to the tram and I lost my heart. I lost my heart." (from "Cloud Pleaser")

The roughly recorded guitars, drums and vocals on Harlem's Hippies (out April 6th) may sound like they're coming from the neighbor's garage down the street, but the lo-fidelity rock that this Austin trio wields spills over with pop ambition. Snappy rhythms paired with simple song structures and lyrics may seem like nothing special, but after a few listens it's clear that this album is nothing short of brilliant—fussed over and polished to a rusty perfection.

Harlem - "Cloud Pleaser" (from Hippies)
Harlem - "Friendly Ghost" (from Hippies)


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