February 10, 2010

The Gentlemen's Bet - "Small Talk"

Brooklyn by way of Tufts University band The Gentlemen's Bet have a classic sound: it's big drums and big guitars all the way. But on the band's sophomore record Big Gunpowder Falls, the group displays an impressive knack for dynamics and control, one moment busting out dark thunderous clouds of blaring organ and guitar riffs reminiscent of Widespread Panic and shutting them down the next for a quiet acoustic guitar and vocal exchange (see "Small Talk" below). Stream the entire record at Reverb Nation.

Gentlemen's Bet - "Small Talk" (from Big Gunpowder Falls)

The Gentlemen's Bet


  1. Really cool song. Gonna check out the rest. That breakdown is very "wavy." Makes me want to sway.

  2. is that building supposed to look like a piano?