January 7, 2010

Pavement: Post-Puff Daddy Ketchup

In the National's song "So Far Around The Bend" (one of my favorites of 2009), Matt Berninger croons: "You’ve been humming in a daze forever / Praying for Pavement to get back together." Foreshadowing perhaps, Mr. Berninger? On the heels of news of their reunion tour, 90s indie-rock pioneers Pavement have also announced they will be releasing a 23-track greatest hits compilation titled Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement, due out March 9. Back when Pavement disbanded in 1999 I was still listening to Puff Daddy cassette singles. Suffice it to say, I've been playing catch up ever since.

Pavement - "Easily Fooled (B-Side)" (from Wowee Zowee)
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