January 7, 2010

Jim James of My Morning Jacket Launches Record Label

Jim "Yim Yames" James and his cousin Johnny Quaid have launched a new online record label, Removador Recordings and Solutions. The site will be a platform "to shine a light on some of the musicians that [James] admires and would like to share with the world," says the press release. So far, the label's artists include Cortney Tidwell, The Ravenna Colt, Follow The Train, Mont De Sundua, as well as Yames himself and My Morning Jacket.

The press release also contains this humorous nugget, with James clearly at the helm: "Coming this fall, Removador will also debut our much talked about new 3-D printer technology, enabling consumers to purchase food and auto parts online, and simply print them out in the comfort of their own home with our new carbon and silicone based 3-D printer. Imagine ordering a few sprigs of broccoli, or needing a new carburetor, and being able to print them out in edible 3-D- all in the comfort of your own home!" Read more at Removador.

Cortney Tidwell - "Horses" (from Boys)
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