December 3, 2009

The Best and Worst Album Covers of 2009

The Best
Benjy Ferree's artwork for Come Back To The Five and Dime, Bobby Dee Bobby Dee might be my favorite of the year simply because the man covers up his receding hairline with magic marker via a 1950s era coif. Also, did anyone notice the Love Language use the same exact font style for their debut? Generally, it was a great year for artwork with walking plant people, a meditative snow person, and a badass Neko Case clutching a sword, ready to smite a dragon

The Worst
What do the KKK, a disco ball, and rockets have in common? Apparently, DJ and hip-hop group N.A.S.A. are trying to say that the US space program is made up of a bunch of disco dancing lynch enthusiasts. At least, that's my interpretation. As for JJ, why the blood-spattered marijuana leaf? Are they commenting on the link between Mary Jane and terrorism? If so, the spacey and mellow tone of their music is sending mixed messages. Lastly, Monsters of Folk—comprised of two of my all-time favorite artists, Jim "Yim Yames" James and M. Ward—why? A charcoal Brady Bunch formatted portrait with a zoomed-in perspective of Mike Mogis's nose and Conor Oberst's 5 o'clock shadow is a far cry from what could've been a classic album cover.

Benjy Ferree - "Fear" (from Come Back to the Five and Dim, Bobby Dee Bobby Dee)

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  1. The kkk ripped off their threads from a 500 year old outfit used by Spanish folks (like as in Spain), for Catholic ceremonies. The pointed hats are directed towards the heavens. Sans swastika (sp)(another ripped off image used for hate) i don't think its the grand wizard.

  2. Hmm, interesting. I definitely didn't know that. Although I'm still not sure it solves this puzzle of an album cover. Unless disco and astronauts are also related to Catholicism.

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  4. That Lands & Peoples art is nice. Hadn't seen it before or heard of them.