December 4, 2009

2009: Random Closing Thoughts

Best live act: Grizzly Bear
Best use of reverb in conjunction with recording the year's best EP: Cotton Jones - Rio Ranger EP
Second Best Live Act: Deer Tick, especially between John McCauley's third and sixth drink.
Band I most likely won't like in 5-10 Years: Passion Pit, largely due to Michael Angelakos's piercing vocals which I fear might hurt my hypothetical child's frontal lobe development and general ability to hear whistles.
Jaw dropping vocal performance: Mountain Man.
Second most jaw dropping vocal performance: Edward Droste
Best music blog: Aquarium Drunkard
Band that needs to learn to play real instruments for future live performances so that I don't have to stare at them staring at their consoles: Animal Collective

Mountain Man - "Animal Tracks" (from Mountain Man)

Buy Mountain Man's album for just $5 here.

(Artwork by Luke Ramsey)

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