November 23, 2009

The Belle Game - "Shoulders & Turns"

Harmony has an incredible allure. Whether it's the Zombies or contemporary groups like Grizzly Bear and the Fleet Foxes, that combination of previously unconnected voices singing in unison produces an almost magnetic force. The Belle Game, a trio based out of Vancouver and Montreal, succeeds on that same platform. "Shoulders & Turns"—the first song off their first EP, Inventing Letters—is richly saturated with overlapping male and female vocals and performed with a deft balance of sounds both big and small.

The Belle Game - "Shoulders & Turns" (from Inventing Letters EP)

Support the band and buy their EP here.


  1. wasn't feeling it

  2. That was so lovely! Good choice!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. Hey everybody!
    You should definitely head over to Taylor’s website Buttons and Bows! We didn’t even know it existed until this morning which is a shame because like The Belle Game.

  5. heart. excellent song