November 24, 2009

Headphones Make Everything Better, Sometimes

The right song on a pair of good headphones can be a transcendental experience. Seriously. Music, of course, is meant to be shared and heard amongst friends in large auditoriums and sun-drenched fields, but sometimes it's also solely an individual experience. Reflecting, daydreaming, or drowning out unwanted chatter, a pair of headphones is many ways a lens into a one-person world: one where the aperture is opened wide and shutter speed slowed, suspending time and space into a slow fluttering dance of tones and texture. Haven't tried it in a while? Cup your ears with one or all of these tasty sonic nuggets.

Megafaun - "Impressions of the Past" (from Gather, Form and Fly)
Molina and Johnson - "What You Reckon, What You Breathe" (from Molina and Johnson)

(Artwork by Luke Ramsey)

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