July 17, 2009

Catching up: Alvin Band and the Blakes

Rick Alvin Shaier, the drummer for the Phoenix, Az. band Miniature Tigers, is releasing a solo record as the Alvin Band. The debut, titled Mantis Preying, is due out September 22nd and includes the playful and harmony-laden bedroom-produced electronic track "Temple Pressure." Check out the equally whimsical video for the single above. 

Alvin Band - "Temple Pressure" (from Mantis Preying

The Blakes, named after the English Romantic poet William Blake and comprsied of brothers Garnet and Snow Keim and drummer Bob Husak, are set to self-release Souvenir—the full-length follow-up to their brilliant 2007 self-titled venture—on October 13th. The first single, "Basket," launches with wafts of crooning harmony under Garnet Keim's raspy shout-delivered vocals and crisp gain-heavy guitar licks.

The Blakes - "Basket" (from Souvenir)

The Blakes

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