June 16, 2009

New Fruit Bats: "My Unusual Friend"

Recalling the pop-sensibilities and vocal chops of the Beatles and Beach Boys while lyrically carving out their own unique niche, Eric Johnson and his Fruits Bats released two of the most complete and approachable records of the early 00's with Mouthfuls and Spelled In Bones.

Johnson—now also a member of the wildly successful Shins—writes and records harmony-laced folk-pop, ranging from intimate narratives ("The Earthquake of '76") to lyrically esoteric metaphors and images ("Lives of Crime") and moments of anthemic hand-clapping clarity ("When You Love Somebody"). It's a sound that's easy to revisit.

On August 4th, the Fruit Bats will return with their fourth LP—The Ruminant Band, due out via Sub Pop. According to the band's web site, "touring will commence shortly thereafter." For now, enjoy the piano bop of "My Unusual Friend."

Fruit Bats -"My Unusual Friend" (from The Ruminant Band)

Fruit Bats

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