June 18, 2009

Anticipating: The Blood Feathers second LP

Sometimes bands, no matter how good they are, stay hidden and unnoticed amongst the heavily-cluttered shelves of the internet simply waiting for able ears. Philadelphia's Blood Feathers is one of them. I stumbled upon the group when I showed up early for a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert two years ago. The opening act Mazarin—whose unforgettably energetic and psychedelic performance deserved the headlining slot—played a cover of the Blood Feathers' "On A Holiday." Picked acoustic and electric strings gently built into pounding drums and verses where every line sings like a chorus: "On a holiday / We went miles away / Now we're all alone / With the milky way."

Mazarin singer and guitarist Quentin Stoltzfus produced the Blood Feathers debut, Curse & Praise—a predominantly acoustic record that gently tows the line between psychedlia and folk-rock without ever veering far from the band's signature talent: tuneful accessiblity. Ben Dickey and Drew Mills, the act's only two members, have spent the past few years playing for a swing band in Arizona and playing in DC songwriter Benjy Ferree's band. Now it seems the duo are poised to return.

According to the band's Twitter, their sophomore album Goodness Gracious has been fully mastered and sequenced. You can listen to two of its songs—"The Same Mad Part" and "Great God Almighty"—both packed with plenty of Marc Bolan-esque boogie and rock on the band's Myspace.

Blood Feathers - "On A Holiday" (from Curse & Praise)

Blood Feathers

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