April 29, 2009

New: Immaculate Machine - "Only Love You For Your Car"

Named after the lyrics from the Paul Simon song "One Trick Pony," Victoria, British Columbia's Immacculate Machine clearly have a playful sense of humor. One that's perfectly displayed in the song "I Only Love You For Your Car" from the band's fourth LP, High on Jackson Hill—released yesterday. The catchy chorus, loose rhythm, and cheerful organ riff produce an instantly accessible sound that serves as a proper introduction for a band comprised of three childhood friends: Brooke Gallupe (guitar/vocals), Luke Kozlowski (drums/vocals) and occasional member of the New Pornographers, Kathryn Calder (keyboard/vocals).

Immaculate Machine - "I Only Love You For Your Car"
Immaculate Machine
Here's a live performance of the track in Ontario with the organ replaced by a couple of ascending "oohs" and some Will Ferrell-esque cowbell.

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