April 27, 2009

Low Fidelity Fuzz In A Tall Fizzy Glass

Glasgow's Camera Obscura and Raleigh, North Carolina's Love Language play songs like beaten and well-worn memories--faded at the edges and out of focus with colors forgotten, mixed, and matched; tones bursting with blissful and emotive pop melodies, unsteady and unbalanced with nostalgia.

You may not share any stories with singers Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura or Stuart McLamb of the Love Language, but there's plenty to sing along to in their Phil Spector-laced and unabashedly sweet low fidelity pop fuzz.

Have a tall glass:
Camera Obscura - French Navy
The Love Language - Lalita

1 comment:

  1. marco polo5/4/09, 1:51 PM

    mmm... sweet low fidelity pop fuzz...yum. sounds good too.