March 7, 2013

Video: Hundred Visions - "Where Do I Sign"

2012 barnburner "Where Do I Sign" by Austin's Hundred Visions now has top-of-the-line visuals courtesy of a couple of awesome older gentleman lip synching and rocking out—including Sonny Carl Davis of Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Bernie fame—and two long-haired headband-decked heroes that traverse a wonderfully low-budget video game universe with their arsenal of pizza and onion ring spewing guns. Spoiler alert: the bad guy—the floating head of a hungry bearded dude in space—eats it in the tense climax with a corn dog to the face.

Make sure to nab Hundred Visions' excellent debut LP Permanent Basement.

Hundred Visions - "Where Do I Sign?"

Last Cab from Tunis - Single - Hundred Visions

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