September 14, 2012

Thee Oh Sees :: Putrifiers II

Last year, Thee Oh Sees released two LPs, one of which may be the band's best ever: the bone-crushing racing Carrion Crawler/The Dream. While this year's Putrifiers II may not surpass that near-perfect bar, it's still easily the band's most melodic and accessible album to date. With frontman John Dwyer's newly acquired falsetto chops and an arsenal of "bah ba-bah bah's," Thee Oh Sees elevate tracks like "Wicked Park" and "Goobye Baby" into Beatles territory, albeit a darker and much weirder offshoot of the band. On "Hang A Picture" and "Flood's New Light," Dwyer's falsetto carves out sharp ravines through the deep droning buzz of bass and drums. If Carrion Crawler/The Dream captured the band's electrifying live sound, Putrifiers II is Thee Oh Sees in their most refined studio mode, dishing out finely honed psychedelia and chunks of weirdo-pop wizardry—all of which amount to one of the year's very best collections of music.

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Thee Oh Sees - "Flood's New Light" (from Putrifiers II)
Thee Oh Sees - "Lupine Dominus" (from Putrifiers II)

Thee Oh Sees

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  1. Maybe you already know it, but if you have the chance, listen to OCS 2 & 3, which is the old incarnation of this band, all stripped down and at their best. Some of the songs from 2 & 3 would later appear on Thee Oh Sees "Hounds of Foggy Notion" LP, which is also amazing in its own right.