July 11, 2011

New Generationals - "You Got Me"

Everybody Taste's favorite New Orleans band Generationals released a free four-song EP today dubbed Medium Rarities. While the EP's title hints at a bit of summer barbecue flavor, the standout track "You Got Me" is really a work of headphone art. The pulsating keyboard chords and light synth lead purr and bask in perfectly concocted, ear-pleasing tones. In fact, they sound so good, the band didn't even need to write a verse. Instead "You Got Me" consists of a chorus and a few talky samples—and it works. Nobody's reinventing the wheel here, but the Generationals do mix one hell of a fine cocktail. Download the full EP right here in exchange for an email address.

Generationals - "You Got Me" (from Medium Rarities)


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