July 12, 2011

Cheerleader - "Dreamer"

While this vintage photograph of cheerleaders might recall the artwork for noisy Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells, the similarities thankfully end there. Hartford's Cheerleader have a soft synthesizer-based palette sprinkled with occasionally cheesy but always sincerely applied 80s tones. The duo currently has two songs streaming on their Bandcamp page: "New Daze" and "Dreamer." While "New Daze" dips a bit too much into Cut Copy territory for this fan, the lightly cooing vocals of "Dreamer" won me over halfway through its first verse. Delivering a chorus with a line like "I see a dreamer in you" is no easy task, but amidst twinkling guitars and swirling synths, Cheerleader pull it off with John Hughes-caliber aplomb and appeal.

If you dig, throw the band a few shekels over at their Bandcamp.

Cheerleader - "Dreamer"


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