July 15, 2011

Future Islands - "Before The Bridge"

Baltimore's Future Islands have something most dance- and synth-oriented bands don't: a powerful and unique vocalist. All the effects and sampling in the world can't replace the potent and raw power of a voice, and Future Islands have a hell of an instrument at their disposal in southern gentleman Samuel Herring. Atop frisky disco and new-wave inspired bass lines and warm wafts of keyboards, Herring harnesses a character that is at times crazed, unstable, and always in the thick of his emotions. That almost-falling-apart and edge-of-the-cliff balance paired with a tone that is both deep and resonant creates a charismatic and exciting force that has over the course of a handful of singles, EPs, and LPs unequivocally become a must-listen. Dig into the trio's latest single, the masterful and massively appealing "Before The Bridge," below.

Vinyl fans: the "Before The Bridge" 7" is out of stock online, but you can still find it in local record shops. Head over to Friends Records for an excellent 7" with Everybody Taste favorites Lonnie Walker and Thrill Jockey for a handful of other options.

Future Islands - "Before The Bridge" (from Before The Bridge 7")

Future Islands

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