July 5, 2011

Bodies of Water :: Twist Again

Los Angeles husband and wife duo Bodies of Water released their third LP together, Twist Again, this past July on their own Thousand Tongues label. David and Meredith Metcalf's music is a sophisticated and classic brand of pop colored with bursts of organ, brass, strings, well-positioned punches of electric guitar, and the couple's own charming vocal harmonies. Despite the LP's Chubby Checker reference, you'll be hard-pressed to find any listeners Twisting to the darkly meditative "One Hand Loves The Other" or the soft psychedelia of "Open Rhythms." But that's not to say these songs don't have pull. "Like A Stranger" chugs along with a foot-stomping bass and piano riff that recalls Norman Greenbaum's own attempt at gospel music with his 1969 hit "Spirit In The Sky." Twist Again often feels like a record that's been dipped into the rock canon of the 1960s and brought back out with a faded wash and dust in its grooves. But unlike most rock revivalists, Bodies of Water's take here is inarguably genuine and all the more richer for it.

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Bodies of Water - "Open Rhythms" (from Twist Again)
Bodies of Water - "Like A Stranger" (from Twist Again)

Bodies of Water

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