July 6, 2011

Bleached - "Think of You"

As Bleached, sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin deliver snappy, classically constructed, easy-on-the-ears punk music. The group already has one 7" under their belts—the Francis EP, out now via Ooga Booga—with a second, the Carter 7", due out July 19th on Art Fag. Carter features two new tracks, "Think of You" and "You Take Time." "Think of You," the A-side, is a bouncy three-chord wonder of strummy punk with a sharp bass line and ear-catching vocal melodies: a lo-fi, female vision of the Ramones equipped with head-banging rhythms and sing-along choruses. In short, I can't stop listening to it.

Buy the Francis EP / Buy the Carter 7"

Bleached - "Think of You" (from Carter7")
Bleached - "Dazed" (from Francis EP)

Mika Miko

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