July 29, 2011

Bleached - "You Take Time"

Bleached, comprised of sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, has quickly become one of my favorite bands this summer, thanks to snappy and hook-laden garage-punk jams like "Dazed" and "No Friend of Mine." Earlier this month we posted the A-side to their forthcoming Art Fag single, the Misfits-channeling headbanger "Think of You." Now the B-side, "You Take Time," is making it's way around the interweb—and I might dig it even more. Over a gain-heavy chord progression, the Clavins' harmonize the chorus with a "Fox On The Run" recalling-melody that sticks to your ears like a chewed piece of bubblegum on a public park bench. And by that I mean, this is one hell of a catchy track.

Buy the Carter 7"

Bleached - "You Take Time" (from Carter 7")

Bleached - "Think of You" (from Carter 7")

Mika Miko

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  1. A great summer jam - just went and got it from e-music. thanks