July 27, 2011

AE003: Stone Darling - "I Stopped Missing You Today" 7"

I've been raving about Los Angeles band Stone Darling since I first heard "All I Wanna Do" back in March. Now, I'm ecstatic to announce this burgeoning rock and roll troupe is releasing its first 7" on our very own imprint, Analog Edition. Pressed on white vinyl in a limited edition of 500, this single is comprised of the hard-hitting, straight-for-the-pop-jugular A Side "I Stopped Missing You Today" and the expansive and harmony-washed slow-burner "Angeline" on the flip side. The front cover photograph is by the amazingly talented Lauren Ward.

You can pre-order the 7" now at Analog Edition. Orders will ship out in late August.

Stone Darling - "I Stopped Missing You Today" (from "I Stopped Missing You Today" 7")

Los Angeles folks: Stone Darling plays the Satellite every Monday in August and the shows are all FREE. The residency kicks off August 1st with help from the Fleet Foxes' J. Tillman.

Blake Mills