April 19, 2011

Shannon & The Clams: Fiery and Delectable

Over the past weekend, I fell head over heels for the early 60s-tinged garage pop and punk of Oakland's Shannon and The Clams. The group is fronted by bassist Shannon Shaw, also occasionally of Hunx and His Punx, and her confidant and sexy vocal chops lend this band considerable force and talent. "Sick of the dancing and sick of the chanting," sings Shaw on "The Cult Song," a simultaneously clever, hilarious, raging, and danceable gem that represents everything blog sensation The Cults could be, but simply aren't. Shannon and her Clams have edge and fire, and thankfully, they channel that spirit into the most blistering and delectable pop music.

Grab the group's newest LP, the sensational Sleep Talk, from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records.

Shannon & The Clams - "The Cult Song" (from Sleep Talk)
Shannon & The Clams - "Sleep Talk" (from Sleep Talk)

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Shannon and The Clams


  1. I imagine singing backup vocals on this track would be amazingly fucking fun.

  2. They are from Oakland, not to be nit-picky, but the east bay has a great music scene that is over shadowed a lot of the time by sf. Gotta give props where props are due.

  3. No worries, thanks for pointing that out!