April 20, 2011

Eternal Summers :: Prisoner EP

We've heard these descriptors before: jangly, lo-fi, post-punk, deam-pop, blah blah, yada yada. At some point, these overused terms simply lose their meaning. What's important to know about Roanoke, Virginia band Eternal Summers is two fold: they know their way around an infectious vocal melody and they keep their instrumentation simple, tight, and straightforward. While it's fun to occasionally challenge yourself with a difficult band like the Tune-Yards or Dirty Projectors, as listeners, our ears go straight for the sugariest and sweetest pop melodies as if propelled by some sort of magnetic force. And the force is strong with the Eternal Summers. Their latest release, the Prisoner EP—a 12" to be released on the perpetually tasteful Forest Family label—proves that whether accelerating into high gear with the uptempo and contagious pop of "Prisoner" or laying down in a field of sunflowers on the drifting "Pure Affection," this simple pop music has serious legs.

Buy the 12" over at Forest Family Records.

Eternal Summers - "Prisoner" (from Prisoner 12" EP)

Eternal Summers

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