April 25, 2011

Little Dragon - "NightLight"

"NightLight" by Gothenburg, Sweden's Little Dragon is an odd but wholly revelatory amalgam of analog synthesizers, mechanical percussion, blippy Atari videogame sound effects, and sensual whispery vocals. In short, this is futuristic funk music of the highest order. Little Dragon has been playing together for roughly 15 years, dating all the way back to high school. But the group and its talented singer Yukimi Nagano seem to be finally getting their deserved time in the spotlight thanks to backing from high profile friends like Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz, TV On The Radio, and Big Boi. Little Dragon's third album, Ritual Union, drops July 12th. Watch the group perform the album's title-track on Late Night after the jump.

Little Dragon - "NightLight" (from NightLight)

NightLight - Single - Little Dragon

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