June 6, 2013

Sylvan Esso - "Hey Mami"

I think I just listened to this song 15 times in a row thanks to my buddy Nada, who included "Hey Mami" in the most recent installment of her monthly mix club. From a quick trip to Trekky Records, it appears Sylvan Esso is vocalist Amelia Meath of Mountain Man and multi-instrumentalist Nick Sanborn of Decibully and Megafaun and it's just about everything you could ask for in a collaboration: an ambitious and brilliant contrast of playfully natural and earthy vocal harmonies with crunchy snapping drums and dark pulsing synth grooves. One moment you're listening to the leaves rustle under the trees and the next you're being vaulted up into the stars by an extraterrestrial tractor beam.

Pre-order the Hey Mami / Play It Right 12″ from Trekky Records.

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